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May 2013

Dear Dog Roasters, and Friends of the Dog Roast...

Sorry that the website has not been upDad and Mom Walters on Tuesday March 5th, 1968.dated in awhile, but many things have occurred in my personal life, that took my spare time away from adding on to the site itself.  In case you did not know or hear, my Mom, Dorothy Walters, passed away back on April 13th.  She was 91 years old.  When you get to be that age, you just do not run at the same speed as a 20-30 year old, even a 61 year old, like me.

I had been noticing her health slowly declining in the past year, and as the driver for her to set appointments with various doctors around the area, my priority was always her care.

She was, first of all had Asthma, then developed COPD late in life.  In June 1972 she stopped smoking cold turkey, after 30 years, because she wanted to have good times with her grandchildren, who were being born first in 1971 with Carl, then Kyle in 1972. 

After my Dad passed away in February 1976, my Mom had to learn to drive, then find work, not easy when on your job application there was no check off for homemaker or 'Rosie the Riveter', her last two jobs going back to World War II.  In May of 1992, my Mom came down with breast cancer, that mean and ugly disease which hits women.  But, since she believed in self examinations, the cancer was in its very early stage, and a procedure called a Lumpectomy was performed.  Ladies, if you are reading this remember...my Mom had the cancer in 1992, when she was 70, and made it for another 20+ years. 

Then, in 2000, cataracts started developing, which were taken care of by implants.  After that, Mom had Diabetes.  She made the decision to stop driving for fear of having an accident and did not want to risk it, so I became the 'Chief Driver' which I did not mind at all.   Gradually, her body started wearing down, and  so did her ability to climb into my Trailblazer SUV easily, and a couple of times her leg would give out and I would catch her before he would hit her head on the concrete.

Needless to say, it has been a difficult period of time since her passing.  The fact that I am writing this on Mother's Day evening is just that I feel I owe everyone who reads the posts that if you still have your Mom, or Grandma, that I hope you love and cherish her everyday of her life.  The two pictures you see are first, my Dad John, and my Mom, Dorothy, celebrating after the phone call came from my older brother Bill, who arrived back in Los Angeles, after serving in a combat position in South Vietnam at the DMZ and a fire base called Khe Sanh, during the Tet Offensive.  That was taken on the evening of Tuesday, March 5th, 1968.  The other picture was from Friday, August 15th, 2003, when we attended a pre wedding rehearsal party in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Love you Ma, and now that you are in Heaven with Dad, you can go to Bingo 7 Nights a Week!

Dorothy Walters


Thanks for being my Mom for 61 years!

Speaking of weddings...due to the fact that Sarah and Jesse are getting married in late August, I received word via email from the Mama Coyote herself, Shari, that there will be NO Dog Roast this summer. 

That it is perfectly understandable not to try and do two big events within the same month especially, for to juggle 2 separate big events is a HUGE undertaking, and I'm happy with that decision.  Hope all of you are also, even those who can't make it out back East every single year.

Until next time,


The Web Geezer

Lynn, Cody's grandmother, sent in these pictures she took from  Dog Roast 2010 for everyone to see and to share.  Hope you like them!  Thanks, Lynn!



Late last year, I found out about a video that was made that included Randy Cimino as one of the hikers going from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.  It is titled 'Wizards of the PCT'.  I got myself a copy and always wondered what the day to day difficulties were of doing a hike of a very long distance.  This from a guy who is lucky to be walking 100 yards without loosing his breath or needing a break. 

So, if you have a couple of extra dollars available, search on Facebook for 'Wizards of the PCT', purchase the DVD, and check it out for yourself, and see one of our own make the trek in all kinds of conditions. 

Yeah, Randy!

 Until next time, take care.
      Gary Walters,
     Web Geezer

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