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The Haskins Family


Jason, Zachary, Jameson, Karli, and Shari Haskins

Picture taken from late 2004

  Jameson, Age 10
  Karli,  Age 7
  Zachary, Age 6


Well, anyway, Jason has been friends with the Ciminos' since childhood.  The kids grew up together and have been good friends since.  Now, he is one of the "Old Geezers" and we have kids of our own to let loose.

I believe our first time together at the Dog Roast would probably be in 1997.  I was pregnant and had two little ones so we did not stay the weekend.    We have had so much fun and loved all the wonderful food, that we just had to keep coming back!  Each year is memorable and I cannot recall just one special time.

I am glad that we do live so close to Rob and Shari, though we really don't get to see that much of each other, especially now that Jason is not working at the plant.  Our kids are growing up with Jamie's daughter, Ashley.  And I'm sure with the way they are going now, this Dog Roast will continue!!  They always seem to be up to something!

Jason and I love to spend time outdoors...we've both found a great love for gardening; and believe it or not, we argue who will get to do what!    Jason and Jameson both have 4-wheelers, they do that as much as possible and love to find the mud at Rob's to see who can get stuck and the muddiest!  They also have a snowmobile, which hopefully someday we'll all be able to go out together.

We like to watch NASCAR...collecting the #28 car, watching football...GO STEELERS!, and just spending time together as a family!  And I'm sure as most of you know, with kids we are always busy!

And as you may have noticed, Jason does like to cook and helps out with that part, he is usually in charge of that at home also!!  I, on the other hand, do not like cooking.  BUT, I do love the desserts and I like to bake.

Karli Haskins at her Dance Recital, June 9th, 2006



Jameson Haskins Birthday Party September 30, 2006


Jameson Haskins the Hunter


The kids in the leaves, and asking Santa for Christmas Gifts


Jameson Haskins doing cross country running at school - 2008
(getting in shape for the London Olympics in 2012?)

Some of the snapshots the Haskins took from Dog Roast 2008


Gary Walters, circa. 1976 US Navy


Camel Jockey in Tunisia,
December 1976


Picture taken at the Great Lakes Navy Boot Camp on Monday, January 27, 1975  

See?  I do not always look so stern. This was taken around March 1977 about one month left in our
Med. cruise.

It's scary looking at these old pictures of myself, as I was thinking, don't let the camel spit on me...  These photos are when I served in the US Navy on board the USS Valdez, FF-1096.  My work was in Electronic Warfare, which basically means that I snooped on the Russians.  Our slogan, or saying in Electronic Warfare was...   "In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor".  The one on the lower left looks like that of a real dork, doesn't it?

As you can well imagine, I have been keeping a close eye on the military situation over in Iraq, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East theatre of operations, as I had spent a little time on that part of the planet back in 1975 and 1976.

I am on the Lunar Rover Simulator in 1975-the Rover has since been placed on a hands off exhibit inside a larger museum at the Kennedy Space Center. I am standing at the West Gate of the Kennedy Space Center next to a full scale model of a Mercury-Redstone rocket, that launched Astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom in 1961.  Both pictures were taken on July 4th, 1975.

Anyone who remembered me at Hamburg High School, knew I was interested in our NASA space program, as well as camping and fishing.  I've been to the Kennedy Space Center a few times over the years, and have seen a couple of space shuttle launches, the last being in June 1996 of the first space shuttle, Columbia (which was lost during re-entry on February 1, 2003). 

The first time I ever heard of the Dog Roast was in August of 1990 at the Hamburg High Class of 1970's 20th Reunion.  Rob and Shari Cimino were there, and said that anyone from the class was invited to drive down the following weekend for a great get together.  I drove down the next weekend just for a day, and almost turned back for home, as I got lost in Olean, forgot to turn left at the light, and wound up at the Firestone Tire store way over in Bradford, PA.  With a little help from a mechanic, I made my way overland, over and around a few hills, and finally made my way in with Shari's hand written notes on directions to Dog Roast Control. 

I'm glad that I did make it in from Bradford that day, as I reluctantly learned what a 'wet willie' was from Jesse and Randy, and saw a pig being cooked on a spit.  That was enough for me!  By 1992 I was staying for more than a day in a tent, and redeveloped my desire for camping that started with Rob in the Boy Scouts Troop 490 many years ago at Boston Valley School.  I guess I am now considered to be an adopted brother of sorts to Rob now...(sorry Rob).

I have become over the years, the unofficial  photographer, techo-wizard and now the web geezer of the Dog Roast.  I still can't make a good campfire yet, but I at least know where the nasty 7.3% beer is sold in Fort Erie, Canada.


I have never been known for my taste in expensive clothing for formal events.  Usually, I ask if I need to wear a clean T-shirt with no holes in it.  This one picture is just a little bit different.  It was the first of only 2 times that I ever wore a tuxedo.  It was taken on Friday, May 11th, 1973, and the woman next to me is the Web Geezers Mom.  I was taking a Mt. Mercy chick to her Senior Prom.

Yes, I looked like a dork back even then....        

Another part of my life has been in the Broadcasting business, and I am even thinking about writing a book on my experiences in the business.  Will let you know how that is coming along in the future. 


  This picture on the left was taken in 1986 of myself (Mountain Man with the beard), Jim Kelly, the Intermission Host of ESPN Hockey, and Luis Hidalgo of the Buffalo Sabres TV Crew, at the old Memorial Auditorium.  The Intermission Studio for the away feeds was actually a basketball locker room, with the toilets and urinals located behind the Vacuum-form pop-up set that was put together with a lot of duct tape...Really! 

Photo courtesy of Bill Wippert of the Buffalo News.
A rare snapshot of me smiling, while walking a picket line for the Registered Nurses at DeGraff Memorial Hospital when they were On Strike in 1987. 
This scratchy picture of me was taken about 1990, from inside the CHCH-TV Mobile Unit known as the Supercrusier.  My main job assignment was the shading of cameras and adjusting the internal camera colors so everything matched for Buffalo Sabres Hockey broadcasts inside the old Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Buffalo, not an easy task because of the lighting inside the old place.

Photo courtesy of Ernie Cavallo


This photo is that of another passion of mine, and that is camping and fishing.  It was taken of me (yikes! me?) on Thursday, July 4th, 1968 in the town of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, at a site called Lilac Lodge.  I had just caught my first (and still, only) Muskie.  I've always hoped I could do it again, and have a few of my friends along on the trip.  Perhaps, its time is near for another trip up to the Great White North and do it one more time.

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